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technology. we lost our communications, our e-mail in the county for a couple of hours early yesterday evening. the county government came and fixed that really quick and got us up and running within a couple hours. in terms of, you know, issues that you can face with a hurricane, especially a storm of this size, you know, we prepared early, we were getting out word early. we closed the government, the schools, county courts. we're all shut down. again, it's going to continue into today. you know, i want to make sure to get out there to folks that not just the county government is closed, the schools are closed and the courts but also the bus service is not running today. people need to take note of that who use that service. same with -- there will not be trash pick up today. as probably has been noted, early voting has been canceled again today. >> all right. scott, thank ss so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. i hope everyone remains safe. we're not out of the woods yet, be careful. >> thank you. good point. >>> a lot of people are going to be home today beca
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1